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Australian Aromatherapists Association(AAA澳洲芳疗协会)

  The Taiwan branch was established in April 2004. The member of the Australian Aromatherapist Association and the Australian qualified aromatherapist Zhuo Yu are the president of the Taiwan branch. The association promotes and promotes the association. Through the culture of the original textbook and the strengthening of clinical practice training, the course is closer to the learning and needs of Chinese students. In China, the director of the club, Li Jialing, and the president of Taiwan Zhuoyu jointly promoted the exhibition and training courses.

Association purpose:

    1. Promote aromatherapy and other natural therapies associated with aromatherapy,

    2. Protect consumer rights,

    3. Maintenance of aromatherapists should have a social status,

    4. Advocate aromatherapy practice ethics.

Activities and membership services:

    1. Information consultation: provide aromatherapy health information consultation

    2. License obtaining: assisting in obtaining a certificate of Australian aromatherapist

    3. Study activities: holding aromatherapy study activities

    4. Counseling employment: employment and entrepreneurship of aromatherapy talents

    5. Publications: Journal of aromatherapy and related natural therapies and professional textbooks

    6. Internship Pipeline: Provide opportunities for counters, hospitals, academic speeches, and product sales (currently for Taiwan only)