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national association for holistic aromatherapy(美国NAHA国际整体芳疗协会)

  NAHA is the largest and most professional non-profit educational institution in North America, and actively participates in and promotes the aromatherapy education of colleges and universities, and actively promotes the awareness of aromatherapy, so that the public can experience the real fragrance. Nasal therapy. NAHA also cooperates with the Association of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and the International Federation of Aromatherapy Therapists (IFA), the British Council of Agriculture (AOC) and the American Consumers Association (CFA). Professionals continue to exchange information in professional fields such as Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. NAHA's predecessor was the AAA (American Aromatherapy Association), which was initiated by a group of aromatherapists in Boulder, Colorado. After professional training, they believed that North America must establish a fairly rigorous The aromatherapy education system, and to promote the concept of using natural essential oils to help the mind.

  The American International Aromatherapy Association (NAHA) is the non-profit educational institution of the largest aromatherapy in North America, and actively promotes the concept of true aromatherapy. NAHA is also constantly citing the education and professional practice standards of Fang Nasal Therapy. In addition to the domestic exchanges in the United States, NAHA also continues to exchange information in the professional field with professionals and commercial manufacturers in the aromatherapy industry across the country.

  Each year, NAHA will hold a large-scale seminar on Fang Nasal Therapy, and hired the famous Fang Nao Naotherapy experts and scientific research scholars to make the latest research report and experimental results. Various seminars were deployed at the conference to allow those who participated in the conference to hear topics of interest to them.
  NAHA has a full set of professional training for professional aromatherapists. It must complete a complete set of professional training courses and provide proof and pass the approval of the NAHA Board of Education.