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International Federation of Aromatherapists,IFA (国际芳香治疗师学会)

    IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists), the Chinese name is the International Society of Aromatherapists. Founded in 1985 in London, the International Society of Aroma Therapists is one of the largest and most authoritative institutions in the UK's aromatherapy organization. Since its establishment, it has been at the forefront of international aromatherapy, less than 20 years. , has developed into the most authoritative Fangxiang therapy therapist training institution in the world.
    IFA is an international organization with training schools and memberships around the world dedicated to the development of the world's highest standards for aromatherapy. The self-made physique is supported by members and many parties to ensure standardization and high quality. IFA has been active in the forefront of aromatherapy applications such as hospitals, nursing homes, and special care centers.
    After the Second World War, aromatherapy was widely developed in Europe, especially in Britain and France. Many chemical engineers, doctors, physiotherapists and beauticians are actively involved in the research and application of essential oils and aromatherapy. So in 1985, the British official founded the International Society of Aromatherapists (abbreviation: IFA) in conjunction with professionals specializing in aromatherapy.
    IFA trains aroma therapists with professional standards and sets uniform standards for professional aroma therapists to ensure that all practitioners can work at a professional level. To date, the IFA International Society of Aroma Therapists has continued to educate more people about aromatherapy and continues to remind practitioners of the importance of public safety and professional ethics.
    To date, aromatherapy has adopted a very complete, systematic and integrated approach to physical and mental problems. In the UK, aromatherapy has become a complementary medicine and is widely accepted and recognized by the public and public health departments.
    IFA International Aromatherapist Therapy Society is an authoritative international academic organization. IFA does not specify which brand of essential oils the trainees must use to practice or take the International Baccalaureate. As long as the quality of the products is qualified, the labels are clear and complete and correct. Mark the English, Latin name and place of origin, that is, meet the requirements of IFA.
    Founded in 1985 and headquartered in London, IFA is the first aromatherapy society in the modern era to receive government-approved charities (British Charity Registration Code 327290). It is by far the world's largest international organization integrating aromatherapy teaching, research, liaison, career support and integration and rehabilitation.
    IFA has 107 training schools on four continents (excluding Africa).