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International Association of Aromatherapy (IAA中华芳香精油全球发展协会)

In the 21st century, where aromatherapy is popular, IAA has joined the world, and cooperated with internationally renowned ICIM, NAHA, INHA and IFPA to launch international aromatherapy and NLP certification classes, providing the most professional teachers and venues for students not only here. Can learn, work, and start a business, and let the dreams come to fruition here and help more people to get healthy.

Under the promotion of the IAA, more than 1,000 physical and mental lectures have been held, which have been carried out in major enterprises, universities, medical institutions and other government organizations. More than 2,000 aromatherapy and treatments have been held. NLP Training Camp, Guangkai Gate welcomes every friend who is willing to become the seed of IAA; in the meantime, it has nurtured more than 5,000 international professional aromatherapists to serve the wider people around the world; Taiwan holds an international forum to give each student the opportunity to absorb new knowledge and build up to the next level.

Now IAA will bring the successful experience in Taiwan to mainland China. The first stop is Shenzhen, Guangdong. I hope that friends who love aromatherapy and NLP courses can learn and grow together in the excellent environment of IAA to create a better and better together. Rich future!
International Association of Aromatherapy,IAA Aromatherapy Association is dedicated to the promotion of essential oils and aromatherapy education, introducing Australian IIM, American NAHA, INHA, UK IFPA and other aromatherapy international license courses, and providing follow-up counseling platforms for study, employment, entrepreneurship, etc., and free of charge throughout the province. Aromatherapy camp, easy to help create a personal aromatherapy business.