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The difference between traditional Chinese medicine oil and essential oil

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From Yiwu

    Essential oils One hundred years ago, the Romans applied essential oils to massage. In the past decade, France, Britain, Italy and other countries have revived the research of aromatic plant therapy. In 1937, the treatment of natural essential oils was officially crowned with the name "Aromatherapy". Essential oils are extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, bark or trunks of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold soaking or solvent extraction to extract organic mixtures, which are volatile. Aromatic substances. China has had Chinese herbal oil in the Han Dynasty for more than 3,500 years. China has always been famous in the world for internal medicine, internal disease, and external disease.

Chinese medicine pays attention to treating diseases, removing roots, treating symptoms and treating the disease, and solving the pathological problems of customers with a two-pronged approach. Let the customer's treatment in the process of health care to achieve the effect of the drug to the disease. The Chinese herbal medicine oil enters the human body through the meridian to release the molecules of the medicinal oil to relieve the regulation of the human body. The effect is very obvious. The treatment is carried out during the course of use.

The difference between Chinese herbal oil and essential oil

1. Extraction method:

Aromatic essential oil: Extracted directly from the flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, leaves, bark and resin of plants by distillation or pressing. Mostly extracted from fresh plants, the plant's naturalness is largely preserved. The extracted essential oils are also called plant hormones, which are very similar to human hormones and have high human acceptability.

Chinese herbal oil: Most of the original plants extracted are traditional Chinese medicines that have been brewed by the ancients. Although they are the same as those used in aromatherapy, they are taken from the medicinal properties of plants and are mainly based on efficacy.

2, the principle of efficacy:

Aromatic essential oils: It is compounded or used unilaterally according to the microscopic and cytological and biological methods of Western medicine. It is suitable for the daily health care of the human body to enhance the charm.

Chinese herbal oil: It is highly targeted. It is based on the traditional Chinese medicine's ups and downs, four gas and five flavors, and the principle of Junchen Zuozhi. It is health-conditioned according to the circulation of the human body's five elements of meridians and the dialectic of the organs.

3. Absorption and metabolism:

Aromatic essential oils: The molecular particles are very small and can reach a few thousandths of human cells, which are easily absorbed and metabolized by the human body.

Chinese herbal oil: It also has the characteristic that aromatic essential oil is easily absorbed and metabolized by the human body, because it dissolves the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine into aromatic essential oil, and aromatic essential oil is the carrier.

4. Applicable people:

Aromatic essential oils: mainly affect the human nervous system, respiratory system, metabolic system, lymphatic system, inhibition and relief effects, but should be used with caution for weak groups and people who are allergic to pollen.

Chinese herbal medicine oil: Because it adopts the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it can supplement the diarrhea and apply it, that is, the virtual can be supplemented, the real can be diarrhea, directly acting on the circulation of blood, viscera and meridians, with the effect as the main.

5, the operation process:

Aromatic essential oils: The method of operation is based on soothing and relaxing, and the requirements of the beautician are stricter.

Chinese herbal oil: It is relatively simple to use, mainly in the symptomatic use of diagnosis. The operation process is easy to understand and understand, and the method is mainly to clear the pass. It can achieve the desired effect with the return, penetration and absorption of the medicated oil.