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The past of traditional Chinese medicine oil

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Chinese medicine definition

Under the guidance of the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the collection, processing, preparation, explain the mechanism of action, and guide clinical drugs.

Chinese medicine definition

One is a narrowly defined Chinese patent medicine, which mainly refers to ready-made medicines prepared from Chinese herbal medicines according to certain principles of treatment, and ready for use. All of them are ready-made, ready-to-use, and convenient for storage. The other is a generalized Chinese patent medicine, which includes all the herbal medicines processed by processing, in addition to the concept of narrowly defined proprietary Chinese medicines.

Essential oil definition

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants by steam distillation, extrusion, cold soaking or solvent extraction.

Extraction editing

The traditional Chinese medicine oil extraction method refers to an oil extracted from a Chinese herbal medicine. Common Chinese medicine oil extraction methods include steam distillation, freeze compression (pressing), chemical solvent extraction, oil separation (fat suction), and carbon dioxide extraction.

Function editing

The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine oil is also the combination of medicated oil and essential oil. It has the functions of relaxing the muscles, running the blood, regulating the twelve meridians, supplementing the energy of the twelve meridians, regulating the yin and yang and various metabolic activities while also relieving the spirit and body. Moreover, the side effects are small and the curative effect is lasting and stable.

Nowadays, traditional Chinese medicine oil has a new meaning. It refers to the combination of the nature and the return of the medicine to the current essential oil production process. At the same time, it also uses the perfect technology of proprietary Chinese medicine to make the important therapeutic effect and essential oil effect work to achieve health. The purpose of beauty.

The role of medicated oil

In the traditional sense, medicated oils are mostly aromatic drugs that have a certain therapeutic effect on the skin or meridians through various processes. There are mainly the following effects:

1, Shujin active, hurricane scattered.

Muscle soreness, joint swelling and pain, bone spurs, cervical vertebrae pain, backache, knee pain, old rheumatism, shoulder pain, new injuries and before and after exercise

2, stimulating, can promote blood circulation, so that the blood vessels in the muscle tissue expansion

Usually used for contusions, sprains, neuralgia, low back pain, muscle pain and stop marks.

3, has the effect of swelling, anti-inflammatory and analgesic,

4, at the same time have the effect of stopping itching.

5, pain relief fever, antibacterial, deworming, can also reduce the pain caused by rheumatism, it will also produce a cooling effect, which has anti-inflammatory, treatment of burns.

Editing with essential oils

Extraction method

Aromatic essential oil: Extracted directly from the flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, leaves, bark and resin of plants by distillation or pressing. Mostly extracted from fresh plants, the plant's naturalness is largely preserved. The extracted essential oils are also called plant hormones, which are very similar to human hormones and have high human acceptability.

Chinese herbal oil: Most of the original plants extracted are traditional Chinese medicines that have been brewed by the ancients. Although they are the same as those used in aromatherapy, they are taken from the medicinal properties of plants and are mainly based on efficacy.

Principle of efficacy

Aromatic essential oils: It is compounded or used unilaterally according to the microscopic and cytological and biological methods of Western medicine. It is suitable for the daily health care of the human body to enhance the charm.

Chinese herbal oil: It is highly targeted. It is based on the traditional Chinese medicine's ups and downs, four gas and five flavors, and the principle of Junchen Zuozhi. It is health-conditioned according to the circulation of the human body's five elements of meridians and the dialectic of the organs.

Absorption metabolism

Aromatic essential oils: The molecular particles are very small and can reach a few thousandths of human cells, which are easily absorbed and metabolized by the human body.

Chinese herbal oil: It also has the characteristic that aromatic essential oil is easily absorbed and metabolized by the human body, because it dissolves the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine into aromatic essential oil, and aromatic essential oil is the carrier.

For people

Aromatic essential oils: mainly affect the human nervous system, respiratory system, metabolic system, lymphatic system, inhibition and relief effects, but should be used with caution for weak groups and people who are allergic to pollen.

Chinese herbal medicine oil: Because it adopts the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it can supplement the diarrhea and apply it, that is, the virtual can be supplemented, the real can be diarrhea, directly acting on the circulation of blood, viscera and meridians, with the effect as the main.

Operation process

Aromatic essential oils: The method of operation is mainly soothing and relaxing, and the requirements of the beautician are stricter.

Chinese herbal oil: It is relatively simple to use, mainly in the symptomatic use of diagnosis. The operation process is easy to understand and understand, and the method is mainly to clear the pass. It can achieve the desired effect with the return, penetration and absorption of the medicated oil.

Essential oil

The more well-known effect of essential oils is nothing more than the more psychological effect of soothing and uplifting spirit, but the efficacy of essential oils is not limited to this. Different types of essential oils also have various effects, and for some diseases, they also have the function of soothing and alleviating symptoms. Essential oils are very helpful for many diseases, and with the treatment of drugs, the disease can be recovered more quickly. And it can be used in daily life to purify the air, disinfect and sterilize, and prevent some infectious diseases.

Therapeutic effect of essential oils on the following diseases

- endocrine, metabolic, urinary system diseases

-Sexually transmitted diseases, diseases of the immune system

-Gynecological diseases

- muscle, bone disease

- skin diseases

- physical symptoms and diseases

- nervous system and mental illness

- eye, ear, nose, mouth, dental disease

- respiratory diseases

- diseases in the blood circulation system

- Extraction of volatile aromas by disease extraction in the digestive system.

Essential oils are made up of very small molecules that are very soluble in alcohol/emulsifiers, especially fats, which make them very permeable to the skin and enter the body by mixing with fatty fibers. When these highly mobile materials evaporate, they are also absorbed by tens of thousands of cells.

Essential oils can prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, molds, prevent inflammation, prevent phlegm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration. Some essential oils can also regulate endocrine organs and promote hormones.