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[Aromatic Plants] Luoding Luojing Town: Aromatic South Medicine Becomes Villager Income Increase Industry

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In recent years, Luojing Town Committee and Town Government has made efforts to build a modern South Medicine Demonstration Zone with aromatic southern medicine as its main feature. As of June this year, it has planted 5,322 mu of South Korean medicine such as lemon and lemongrass, and is expected to participate in the cultivation of southern medicine. The average household income of the villagers has increased by 1 to 20,000 yuan, which has become another leading industry for Luojing farmers to increase their income.

Luojing Town has a land area of 143,000 mu. According to the characteristics of the southern mountain and sloping land suitable for planting Chinese medicine, the town government has focused on building a modern South Medicine demonstration zone and actively guiding the development model of “company + base + farmers” to create aromatic South medicine is the main characteristic of the South Korean medicine planting and processing industry, and continues to develop into an integrated industrial chain of aromatic South medicine breeding, planting, processing, trading and product independent research and development, and strives to build Luojing into an important production of natural spices in the province. Area.

As of June this year, Luojing Town Jingxi, Jingnan and other village committees have planted 5,322 mu of South Korean medicine such as lemon, citronella, patchouli, laurel, star anise and agarwood. It is expected that the villagers participating in the cultivation of southern medicine will be from the mountain forest. Statistics on rental income, base employment wages and product planting recovery income, each household increased income of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, effectively driving local villagers to increase income, and South medicine cultivation has become another industry for Luojing farmers to increase their income.

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