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Aromatherapy helps sleep, but it also varies from person to person.

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Aromatherapy is one of the most popular natural treatments. It uses the essential oil extracted from the plant as a medium, and uses massage, bathing, etc. to allow the essential oil to enter the body through the skin or the absorption of the respiratory tract, to promote a healthier body or to improve the symptoms of body discomfort, aromatherapy One of the most useful features is to improve sleep.

Korean research scholars Hwang E and Shin S. comprehensively analyzed 12 clinical studies on the improvement of aromatherapy in sleep disorders, and concluded that aromatherapy can indeed improve and improve sleep quality.

There are also related researches in Iran. Researcher Bakhtshirin F et al. also found that using aromatic plant essential oils combined with massage for 30 minutes can effectively improve the original hair pain and slow down symptoms such as postpartum depression, thus improving sleep.

Last year, Virgin Atlantic teamed up with the UK's high-end fragrance brand This Works to launch a deep sleep pillow spray on the luxury business class of a night flight to help passengers relax and easily fall asleep, and wake up to be energetic and adapt to long distances faster. New time zone arriving after travel.

Sleep spray is the best form of aromatherapy for sleep, easy to store and easy to carry. The aromatic spray of pure plants is absorbed by the body through the respiratory tract and skin penetration, and the effect is also very rapid, hormone-free and safe.

Aromatherapy helps sleep vary from person to person. Many of the best-selling sleep sprays in Europe and the United States are not suitable for Chinese people. The reason is that the formulas and fragrances in foreign aromatic sleep aid sprays are often unfamiliar to Chinese people. These aromatic plants are not the original place of growth in China. Our ancestors did not smell these fragrances during the evolution process, so they can not help the sleep and soothe the nerves, but cause anxiety and lead to insomnia.

However, with China's current medical research capabilities, we are definitely capable of developing aromatic sleep sprays suitable for Chinese people. The good news is that the most famous aromatherapy research institutions in China have been rigorously explored for more than 10 years, repeated compatibility debugging and tens of thousands of use tracking reports, and the final determined formula products have an efficiency of 97%.

It is reported that this aroma-friendly sleep spray that is really suitable for the Chinese people has been approved for marketing. The official name is Xiang Ning Ning brand plant extract Shurun Good Night Spray. It has been listed for half a year, and the feedback from users is good. Many people with severe insomnia have been rescued for more than ten years. . Because of the success of this aromatic sleep aid product, the research institutions and enterprises that have carried out research on similar products in China have rapidly increased and the situation is good.

Aromatherapy improves the development of sleep in empirical medicine, making the application of aromatic sleep aids increasingly common. Looking forward to the future, there are more and better aromatic sleep aid products on the market, bringing better treatment to people who are still suffering from insomnia!