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Health care effect of traditional Chinese medicine essential oil

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Essential oils are substances that are extracted from natural plants and have a volatile and aromatic odor. The traditional Chinese medicine essential oil is a special essential oil with medicinal properties. Essential oils of traditional Chinese medicine not only have the effect of treating diseases and health, but also have a special aroma. With the optimization and improvement of the preparation process of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils, traditional Chinese medicine essential oils have been widely used in many industries, such as medicine, daily chemical production and food industry. Question: What are the health effects of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils?

Relieve mood related diseases

Chinese medicine believes that "seven emotions" are closely related to the occurrence of diseases. The essential oils of traditional Chinese medicines have the characteristics of conditioning emotions and coordinating human physiological functions because of their aromatic scent and the characteristics of qi and qi. Essential oils of traditional Chinese medicine have significant effects in the treatment of sub-health status, depression, anxiety and other emotion-related diseases.

[1] The study found that peppermint essential oil has an ideal interventional effect on people with social stress and sub-health depression, and the effect is very significant compared with psychological counseling. Chinese medicine mint is returned to the liver, which itself has the effect of soothing liver and regulating qi. Therefore, the combination of massage techniques and peppermint essential oil acts on the back of the human body, which can play a better role in regulating and treating.

[2] The study found that the essential oil of Shichangpu can prolong the sleep time induced by pentobarbital. The mechanism is to inhibit central gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase and increase the level of γ-aminobutyric acid, thus playing a central sedative effect.

[3] The study believes that Angelica essential oil can alleviate the anxiety state of animals in different anxiety models, suggesting that it has obvious anti-anxiety effect, no sedative, cognitive impairment, muscle coordination damage of benzodiazepines. Such side effects are a new type of anti-anxiety plant essential oil with development prospects.


Skin care

[1] Traditional Chinese medicine essential oil has always been the main additive component of many special cosmetics such as “pharmaceutical makeup”. It has skin health functions such as sterilization, anti-inflammatory and anti-mite. Among them, patchouli essential oil and myrrh essential oil can be used to eliminate cosmetic surgery. The scars and the exact effect. Clove oil and coral ginger oil have a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity, especially P. acnes, which has a good therapeutic effect on acne.

[2] The study believes that the clove oil makes the cells of P. acnes smaller, even collapsed, and the cell wall and cell membrane are destroyed. Coral ginger essential oil has obvious therapeutic effects on patients with heavy and medium acne, and no other local or systemic adverse reactions have been observed.

[3] The study found that the essential oil of Ai leaves acts on the neuromuscular system of the aphids, causing the stagnation of the worms to stagnate and succumb to death, and has a good killing effect on the human skin sebaceous mites and the hair follicles.

[4] Perilla volatile oil has a good inhibitory effect on various skin mites, such as: Trichophyton rubrum, gypsum-like microspores, flocculent sputum, and can effectively inhibit superoxide anion free radicals. The generation shows the application prospect of perilla essential oil in the chemical industry.

Dental medicine

[1] The essential oil of camphor has local anesthetic and analgesic effects, and has no irritation to healthy pulp. In the treatment of dental pelvic disease, the essential oil is used instead of clove oil as a soothing and analgesic agent, and the effect is good.

[2] The main component of cinnamon essential oil, cinnamaldehyde, has an anti-oral Candida effect in vitro. Odor control agent containing thymol essential oil, anise essential oil, fennel essential oil, etc. is used to reduce the odor of garlic in the mouth.

Food preservative or flavoring

[1] Traditional Chinese medicine essential oils have been widely used in the food industry. On the one hand, the essential oil of traditional Chinese medicine has the functions of insecticidal, antibacterial and anti-oxidation, and can be used for food preservation and preservation. On the other hand, some of the traditional Chinese medicine essential oils are used as a spice to make the cooked food unique. Cinnamon essential oil can be used for food preservation, and has an inhibitory effect on Aspergillus flavus which causes food deterioration and is highly toxic.

[2] Fennel essential oil can not only resist the decay of food caused by bacteria, but because of its pure aroma, it has become a kind of food flavoring agent that the public likes.

[3] Perilla essential oil is not only used for flavoring, antisepsis, antibacterial, and color enhancement of foods. In addition, the rosmarinic acid contained in the essential oil of perilla has strong antioxidant activity and good thermal stability, and its antioxidant activity is stronger than that of chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, caffeic acid, VE, etc. Essential oils have become a good food antioxidant.

[4] Traditional Chinese medicine essential oils are also used in the tobacco industry. The essential oil of traditional Chinese medicine can make the aroma of tobacco leaves more harmonious, and the smell of tobacco is more full, which greatly improves the grade of tobacco.

[5] Cnidium essential oil imparts a smokey herbaceous scent on the smell of the scent, with elegant floral notes and a light woody aroma, which improves the layering and roundness of the aroma during smoking. At present, the main essential oils for the main cigarettes are: broad fragrant oil, star anise oil, ginger oil, cinnamon oil, cardamom oil, Cnidium oil and so on.

Pollution-free pesticide

Essential oils of traditional Chinese medicine have a strong inhibitory effect on plant pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic fungi. Because the essential oil of traditional Chinese medicine is derived from plants, it is volatile. As a green pesticide, it is used in the cultivation of traditional Chinese medicines with high pesticide residues or tea and vegetables, and has high safety.

Insecticide repellent

DEET has strong mosquito repellent activity and has been widely used as the most effective mosquito repellent. However, research on its toxicity and safety has been paid attention to for many years. Finding safer and more effective mosquito repellents has become a research hotspot. In addition to peppermint oil, most traditional Chinese medicine essential oils have a good repellent effect on mosquitoes.

[1] The nepetalactone in the essential oil of camphor has a very high mosquito repellent activity, and its mosquito repellent activity is 10 times that of DEET, and it has repellent effect on mosquitoes, cockroaches and termites.

[2] The bitter almond oil has strong fumigant and insecticidal activity against Musca domestica, Aedes albopictus and Mythimna, and has the characteristics of low concentration and fast action time. The repellent rate of Aedes albopictus was 86.76% after 8 h of administration of bitter almond oil.

[3] After screening the repellent effects of 21 traditional Chinese medicine essential oils, honeysuckle oil, wild chrysanthemum oil, eugenol and artemisia oil were compounded to obtain a Chinese herbal mosquito repellent essential oil. It has a fresh scent and does not contain DEET. It is non-irritating to the skin and has a mosquito repellent effect for up to 6-8 hours.

Daily health care

Under the guidance of the theory of "dialectical treatment" and "mechanical theory of traditional Chinese medicine", inhaling traditional Chinese medicine essential oil or massaging the human body can achieve the effect of regulating yin and yang qi and blood, strengthening righteousness and evil spirits, and preventing and treating.

[1] The traditional Chinese medicine essential oil combined with breast massage can relieve breast swelling;

[2] Angelica essential oil can be used as aromatherapy to treat dysmenorrhea;

[3] Fumigation Indoor air disinfection tablets made of pure natural Chinese herbal plant essential oils have an effective killing effect on bacteria, fungi and various pathogenic bacteria, which can purify indoor air and prevent disease transmission.

Modulation perfume

[1] Sandalwood oil is used in perfumes because of its fragrant aroma, and because it has a concentrated effect, it can also be used in meditation and yoga practice.

[2] Artemisia annua L. oil has a fragrant, cool and refreshing scent, and the aroma is rich and transparent. It is suitable for men's cosmetics, and can also be used for the blending of soaps, perfumes, air fresheners and other flavors.

[3] The perfume made by mixing essential oils with other plant essential oils can improve sleep and reduce brain waves.

other apps

The application of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils in gardens can repel mosquitoes and attract birds and butterflies, which makes them refreshing.

[1] Long-mint peppermint essential oil and clove basil essential oil have the effect of lowering blood pressure;

[2] The aromatic scent of patchouli essential oil can promote bowel movements;

[3] Chinese herbal oils such as white orchid, mint, wormwood, nutmeg and angelica have anticancer effects.


Traditional Chinese medicine essential oils are rich in medicinal sources, have a wide variety, and have high medicinal value, industrial value and edible value. They are an important part of natural essential oils and have attracted much attention from the industry. According to the market report of the world's fragrance essential oil products released in October 2010, the supply of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils in the world market is very tight, and the price is also rising sharply.

At this stage, it is necessary to use various advanced scientific methods to improve the oil production rate and oil quality of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils, and vigorously research, develop and promote various kinds of traditional Chinese medicine essential oil products, so as to better develop more utilization space of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils in the future. Find a good foundation. Quoted from "Imported Essential Oil Information"