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[Acne acne] Do you think that the essential oil of Helichrysum?

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When it comes to the helichrysum oil, everyone thinks of the Italian permanent flower (Helichrysum italicum). In fact, there are many varieties of Helichrysum, and its essential oils have their own characteristics in terms of chemical composition, efficacy and aroma. The plants in the world are not countable. Knowing the chemical composition of essential oils, you can get a general idea of its efficacy.

1. Italian permanent flower oil (Helichrysum italicum) purchased from Corsica. This essential oil contains y-curcumene, which is a powerful skin cell regeneration ability of Italian permanent flower oil. Many skin care products are used to remove wrinkles. In aromatherapy, this oil is often added for scar healing and acne scar treatment. The permanent flower oil produced in Corsica, containing nerol, works very well for the healing of skin for the treatment of fungal and fungal infections. The ingredients of ketone are effective for wound healing. The Italian permanent flower oil produced in Corsica is unparalleled in its high content of neryl acetate, which can be as high as 45%, giving Italian permanent essential oils excellent anti-caries effect. Muscle spasms, severe cough, body stiffness have miraculous effects

2. The scented essential oil (Helichrysum odoratissimum) purchased from South Africa can also be translated into fragrant helichrysum. This kind of helichrysum is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in South Africa. The terpene pinenes of the scented essential oil and the 1,8 cineole (1,8cineole) form an excellent balance, which is effective for treating the respiratory tract and resisting phlegm. Blended with scented essential oils and a variety of zebra essential oils, Madagascar hemerocallis essential oils and Italian permanent essential oils to treat immune system symptoms, it has successfully treated infections, severe allergies and inflammation.

3. The Helichrysum bracteiferum, which was purchased from Madagascar, was translated into Yanli Helichrysum oil, which was probably translated according to color. The ratio of monoterpene sesquiterpene and oxide in the waxy chrysanthemum essential oil is substantially equal. Polyxime essential oil contains a unique humulene, which has a great effect on the health of the immune system. The presence of caryopyllene highlights the anti-inflammatory effect. More than one zeolitic oil is used to treat infections, treat headaches, reduce inflammation, and improve immunity, but it is very effective in treating scars and wrinkles.

4. Malagasysum gymnocephalum purchased from Madagascar is also translated into wild helichrysum essential oil. Because there is no fixed translation in Chinese, it is named according to the name of the main producing place. Madagascar Helichrysum Essential Oil is the highest content of 1,8 eucalyptus in all of the Helichrysum essential oils. Together with the Para-cymene analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients in this essential oil, it can treat a variety of infections and treat respiratory tracts. Systemic disease.