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8 questions tell you what is good dew

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From the last article on the article on the pure dew, I found that many people have many misunderstandings about the pure dew. So I collected this question and answer, if the article missed the question you want to know, you can leave a message to tell me.

What is pure dew?

A: Pure dew is a by-product of high temperature distillation of essential oils. Its most important feature is pure natural and no added.

Therefore, the blended with the essence is not called pure dew, and the later blended with essential oil and water can not be called pure natural dew. In addition, pure dew is not added manually.

Last time a friend left a message asking about the brand's pure dew, so I bought it for a try, but I saw that there are five or six kinds of ingredients on the package, in addition to adding several plant extracts, including 1,2 pentanediol and ethylhexyl glycerol are two additives. Although these two additives are safe and a good moisturizer, it is not very accurate to call it a pure dew. It is called a toner.

How to judge the quality of pure dew?

A: To be honest, ordinary consumers are actually not able to judge the quality of pure dew.

It is judged that this is a good bottle of pure dew by simply not pungent fragrance and high price, which is obviously inaccurate. Because the quality of a bottle of pure dew involves the origin of raw materials, the quality of raw materials, the fertilization environment, the quality of distilled water, etc., and this information is difficult for most people to understand.

Therefore, as far as ordinary consumers are concerned, it is a minimum quality guarantee to look for qualified and certified big brands.

How should pure dew be saved?

A: The suitable storage temperature for pure dew is 15-18 degrees. Generally, indoors avoid sunlight. If in the summer, it is best to put it in the refrigerator freezer.

Pure dew can be stored for 12 to 24 months before unopening, and some dew can even be stored for a longer period of time. However, if it is opened, it is best to use it within 3 months.

How do you judge whether the pure dew is broken?

A: It can be judged by the smell.

The degraded pure dew itself will be significantly weakened and the smell will become sour.

However, if it is stored and used as required, it will rarely be used badly. My bottle of permanent flower pure dew has been placed in the refrigerator for almost half a year, and it is still no problem (but don't learn me).

Are some of the small workshops doing their own pure dew?

A: There are certain risks.

The quality of pure dew is affected by many aspects, such as the origin of raw materials, the safety of raw material fertilization, the quality of distilled water, distillation process, filling process and so on.

The pure dew made by the small workshop, first of all, its raw materials are more difficult to obtain guarantee, not to mention the distillation process, the final filling process is also a problem. Products produced in this way are generally shorter in shelf life, not to mention oral levels.

Therefore, I am skeptical about the pure dew made by the small workshop. I suggest that you still buy a big brand.

The yield of essential oils in PS plants is extremely low. It takes a lot of raw materials to distill a large amount of essential oils. In terms of equipment, technology and scale of small workshops, it is generally difficult to distill essential oils, and even the shadows of essential oils are estimated. I can't see it. So if someone in your circle of friends is selling their own distilled essential oils, it is best to keep an eye on them.

Must be diluted with pure wet compress?

A: Not necessarily.

Pure dew is actually very mild, and the wet compress does not need to be diluted. If you are distressed with pure dew, you can dilute it with mineral water or pure water, and it is not impossible.

However, if your skin is usually sensitive, it is recommended to test it on the skin behind the ear before wet application. If you have an allergic reaction, it is best not to use it.

Pure natural, no added, can it be used casually?

A: Although pure dew is mild, it is also contraindicated.

Most of the pure dew is safer, but some of it is risky. For example, Euphorbia radix is essential for photosensitivity, while Euphorbia sinensis contains a small amount of essential oil, which may not be suitable for exposure to sunlight; and carrot seed pure dew is prohibited for pregnant women, and it is also necessary to avoid use in the sun.

Oral administration needs to be taken to avoid long-term uninterrupted taking, preferably one week apart.

Can it be taken orally as long as it is pure?

A: Not all pure dew can be taken orally.

There are two aspects to consider: whether the oral grade is achieved and whether this pure dew is suitable for oral administration.

Pure dew should be able to be taken orally, must reach the oral level, pure dew must be organic, with organic certification. It also relates to the quality of water, raw material origin, raw material quality, fertilization environment, etc.

Some aromatherapy brands also pay attention to the quality of pure dew when extracting essential oils, so they are very strict in all aspects. However, some brands mainly aim to extract essential oils. Pure dew is not the focus (it may be dumped), and the pure dew they launch often does not reach the oral level.

In addition, it is also important to be suitable for oral administration. In this regard, I have further understanding with Florihana of France and Oshidhi of Germany:

Both gave three kinds of pure dew that were not suitable for internal use, but they also caused a small episode. Two kinds of pure dew that can't be taken orally are the same as jasmine, and the other two are different, which makes me a bit puzzling.

And the reasons are different. The reason given by F is that the PH value is too high, and the O family is because these three are non-organic. Looking for some information, I found that in addition to confirming that Jasmine Pure Dew is not taken orally, the other four can be used again. But it doesn't matter, for the sake of insurance, these five kinds of pure dew are not taken orally.

Ok, are these questions and answers to solve your doubts? No? Then leave a message and tell me. ◣


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