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[Plant moisturizing] green thorn fruit oil - natural plant moisturizing holy products

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Green thorn is a wild plant. In the 1920s, the famous Austrian botanist Dr. Joseph Locke conducted a 27-year investigation in Lijiang. He was pleasantly surprised to find that in the cold winter with thousands of flowers, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the deep mountain valley on the shore of Lake Biwa The peculiar plants are proudly blooming with beautiful flowers. This strange plant is commonly known as the green thorn fruit in the local area. It is a wonderful flower in the world's woody oil plants. It is regarded as a "good luck tree" by the Naxi people, the Tibetan people and the Mosuo people. And "King of Flowers", the ancestors have been following the processing of green thorn fruit edible oil, and is widely used in folk health care, skin care, beauty, the effect is very effective.

Basic Information

Chinese name: green thorn fruit oil

Foreign name: prinsepia utilis rogle oil

    Mosuo people have a special liking for this. They use this oil as an essential product for their skin care and hair care. They are used to wipe the face, prevent dry and wrinkled skin, keep the skin soft and tender, and comb the hair with a comb. The oil of the hairdressing method is used to keep the hair black and shiny, not broken, not hair loss, and the like. Therefore, it is nothing new to keep a black hair in the old Mosuo old woman. Local ethnic minorities can live long-term consumption of green thorn fruit oil, and they can participate in labor or hunting when they are over 80 years old. It is precisely because of the above various good effects that the ethnic minorities have always regarded the oil as a "healthy protective oil" and "the medicine for treating all diseases" and cherish it as a treasure. I think this is the gift of nature to them. Every major festival, they must worship the gods. The Mosuo people use the oil to light the gods. The Muslims use this fried "oily fragrance" to commemorate God. The results of scientific research showed that the content of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids in the thorn fruit oil was balanced. Green thorn fruit oil does not contain erucic acid harmful to human body, and is rich in vitamin E, A, etc. Its composition is very close to human lipids. Nutritionists call it "cosmeable cosmetics" and "human supplementation of essential fatty acids." The new source is a rare natural health supplement. In 1999, Beijing Ang Lida Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Normal University, and Nankai University oil experts conducted scientific and technological research on the entry of green thorn fruit oil into the cosmetics field, and obtained satisfactory results.


1) Green thorn fruit oil is a good high-grade natural nutrient vegetable oil. Long-term consumption of this oil has important auxiliary functions for treating high blood fat, lowering cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular disease, and can make people live longer and healthier.

2) Applying the green thorn oil to the newborn body can effectively promote the baby's hair loss and make the skin fine and smooth.

3) Wiping the feet with green thorn fruit oil or washing the feet with green thorn fruit, which has obvious curative effect on relieving athlete's foot (Hong Kong foot);

4) It has a good effect on the treatment of refractory skin sputum, rheumatoid joints, frozen shoulder and bruises with soaked green thorn fruit oil (very toxic only for external use).

5) In winter, people's hands and feet, dry skin, cracks and frostbite, use green thorn fruit oil to make the skin moist and smooth, and can effectively prevent frostbite;

6) Once the human and animal are poisoned by poisoning, the green thorn fruit and the leaf smashed juice can be used for oral administration and detoxification.

7) Wash with green thorn fruit oil or wash with green thorn fruit tip, leaf and root water, which has good anti-inflammatory effect.

8) Ethnic minorities often apply green thorn fruit oil to the skin to prevent sunburn from strong ultraviolet rays on the plateau.

9) Application in cosmetics: Since thorn fruit oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid and its composition is close to human sebum, it has skin regenerative repair and moisturizing effect; at the same time it has strong skin penetration ability, which can play A similar effect of azone.

10) Green thorn fruit oil also has excellent conditioning effect on hair.

11) In the summer, mosquito bites cause skin ulceration and inflammation, and it is wiped with green thorn oil, which has better anti-inflammatory effect.

12) In the following products, the addition of green thorn fruit oil helps to improve product quality.

Hand cream, anti-cracking frostbite cream

Shampoo to prevent dry and damaged hair

Eye cream that removes wrinkles around the eyes


Washing products, body care products

Moisturizing lotion for normal and dry skin

Baby skin care products

The ratio of edible oils to the fatty acids they contain

Types of edible oils Unsaturated fatty acids Polyunsaturated fatty acids Saturated fatty acids Ratio of three fatty acids

Greenthorn fruit oil 36% 36% 28% 1:1:0.8

Olive oil 77% 9% 14% 8.6:1:1.6

Peanut oil 13% 78% 9% 1.4:8.7:1

Soybean oil 25% 62% 13% 1.9:4.8:1

Rapeseed oil 48% 34% 18% 2.7:1.9:1

Lard 47% 12% 41% 3.9:1:3.4

The ratio of fatty acid structure in human body is 1:1:1. According to the latest scientific metabolism research, edible oil can only be absorbed and utilized by the human body only in accordance with the proportion of fatty acid structure of the human body.

Green thorn fruit oil is a kind of pure natural nutrient vegetable oil. The ratio of three fatty acids is 1:1:0.8, which is very similar to the 1:1:1 structure of human fatty acid. It is in full compliance with the strict requirements of FAO for dietary nutrition. It is a gift from nature. The pure natural sacred product of mankind.

Scientific research conclusions:

Research by authoritative organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Peking University, Nankai University, and Yunnan Institute of Materia Medica:

Good safety: no matter both internal and external, it is non-toxic and side effects to the human body.

Non-irritating: no irritating effect on human skin.

Strong penetrability: It has the fatty acid structure that best matches the body's lipid ratio model. It has good skin permeability, can improve keratin degradation, and has moisturizing, anti-cracking and nutritional supplement effects on the skin.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial: obvious anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

UV resistant: Significantly resistant to UV damage.

Improve circulation: significantly improve the body's wrinkle cycle and promote metabolism.

Anti-aging: anti-aging antioxidant effect.

Anti-hypoxia: significantly resistant to hypoxia and anti-brain hypoxia.

Anti-arteriosclerosis: Significant anti-atherosclerosis.

Folk remedies:

The use of green thorn fruit as a method of folk health care has a history of thousands of years in the Lijiang minority.

1. Light and moderate burns Apply the green thorn fruit oil to the affected area, which can quickly reduce swelling and pain, promote healing and leave no scars;

2. Applying the green thorn fruit oil to the skin of the infant, it can promote the hair loss, protect the young skin and prevent infection;

3, with green thorn fruit, tender tip, leaves and roots decoction, can significantly improve gingival pain and inflammation of the throat;

4, the green thorn fruit oil massage hair, can inhibit hair loss, protect black hair quality;

5, with green thorn fruit tender and cold mixed with food, appetizing digestion, clearing heat to fire, and can inhibit oral and intestinal inflammation;

6. Wash with green thorn fruit oil or its tips, leaves and roots to treat the skin of mosquito bites and irritated ulcers;

7. Treat refractory skin sputum, rheumatoid joints, frozen shoulder and bruises with immersed green thorn fruit oil;

8. Apply the skin with green thorn fruit oil in winter to treat dry skin, chapped and itching.

9. Stew the pig's trotters with green thorn roots to nourish blood.

10, prevent winter hand, foot frostbite and promote the healing of frostbite, have a good effect;

11. People who have been taking green thorn fruit oil for a long time are physically strong and rarely have diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. Many people still work in the fields at the age of 80.

Nutrition test

Fat-soluble vitamins (/mg100g) VA VD VK VE 0-3.5 0-2.1 8.7-13.5 0-0.3

Fatty acid content (%): unit unsaturated fatty acid 36%

Polyunsaturated fatty acids 36%

Saturated fatty acid 28%

Ratio 1:1: 0.8

Minerals and trace elements: Ca, P, K, Na, Zn, Fe, Mg, Al, S, Cu, Ba, Ni, etc.

Research conclusion: The low temperature extracted thorn fruit oil retains the natural biological active ingredients, which contain a variety of fat-soluble vitamins, trace elements and a large number of essential amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body, and the ratio of human lipids (1:1). :1) Very close fatty acid structure (1:1:0.8), so it has good permeability and is easily absorbed by the skin, which can maintain skin nutrition, moisture and elasticity, improve the deterioration of the skin's stratum corneum and repair rough skin.


1 Toxicity test of green thorn fruit oil No toxicity, no genotoxic reaction, no teratogenicity.

2 Multiple doses of skin irritation test No irritation to intact skin and damaged skin of rabbits.

3 Skin penetration test of green thorn fruit oil has obvious osmotic effect on skin. It can be used as an additive for medicines and cosmetics to promote drug absorption and improve skin ability.

It is recognized that the chemical absorption enhancer having the best penetration enhancing ability is azone. Natural thorn fruit essential oil has twice the penetration-promoting ability of the former.

Olive oil is recognized as a superior cosmetic raw material oil with a fatty acid structure of 6:1:1.3. The fatty acid structure of the essential oil of thorn fruit is 1:1:0.8, far better than olive oil. It is the closest known natural plant to the human body lipid composition ratio (1:1:1), which forms a powerful oil. Skin penetration, experiments have shown that it can penetrate deep into the skin in about 3-5 minutes, 60% of which reaches the dermis and 40% penetrate into the blood.

Moisture retention

The moisturizing effect of the green thorn fruit oil in the skin care products was discussed. The green thorn fruit oil was added to the ordinary skin care products, and the skin moisturizing contrast experiment was carried out with the blank control group to detect the moisture content of the skin within 180 minutes after the product was used. Change to evaluate the moisturizing effect of the product. The results show that the product added with green thorn fruit oil can significantly improve the moisture of the skin than the product without adding thorn fruit oil, so the green thorn fruit oil can be used as a moisturizing additive in cosmetics, and has broad application prospects.

Skin care products; green thorn fruit oil; moisture retention

Green thorn fruit oil is a kind of pure natural skin care oil, which is very close to human body lipids, so it is very easy to be absorbed by human skin and can maintain the skin's moisture, nutrition and elasticity. The green thorn fruit, the alias grabs the fruit, is called the green thorn in the "Southern Materia Medica", the gun thorn fruit in the Qujing area of Yunnan, the Axis of the Lijiang Naxi, and the altitude of 1 400 m~ in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. 3 100 m on the slopes and wasteland. The average oil yield of green thorn fruit is 28%. The fruit oil is rich in various nutrients needed by the human body. It is a high-grade natural edible oil, which is important for the treatment of high blood fat, cholesterol reduction and cardiovascular disease prevention. effect. Green thorn fruit oil is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. The content of oleic acid and linoleic acid is over 70%, but it does not contain erucic acid which is harmful to human body. It has high edible, medicinal value and unique beauty. Skin care effect.

The green thorn fruit is a treasure, has been used for a long time in the folk, and has a long history and extensive use in skin care and beauty. In the Dongba scriptures of the minority areas of Lijiang Naxi, Yi and Mosuo, it is recorded that the green thorn oil can be applied to the skin to prevent mosquito bites or eliminate the swelling caused by bruises, prevent dry skin, itching and cure frostbite. Rubbing the hair with green thorn oil can inhibit the hair from falling off, and has the effect of blackening the white hair; local skin burns and burns, applying the green thorn oil to the affected area can prevent wound infection and accelerate wound healing without leaving scars. In the local folk, the skin of the newborn baby is applied with the green thorn oil, which can promote the falling off of the baby's baby hair and make the skin dry and smooth.

Chemical composition and pharmacology

Studies have shown that the fatty acid composition of thorn fruit oil is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids - oleic acid and linoleic acid, of which oleic acid content is 33.38% and linoleic acid content is 40.82%; in addition, 17.2% palm is contained. Acid and 6% stearic acid, and contains a variety of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. Each 100 g of green thorn fruit oil contains 3.5 mg of vitamin A, 2.1 mg of vitamin D, 11.2 mg of vitamin E and 0.30 mg of vitamin K also contains very rich macro and trace elements such as calcium, sulfur, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. Compared with other edible oils, the highest content of potassium is 9.8 mg. /kg. Potassium plays an important role in maintaining the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and normal muscle functions, and regulating the normal acid-base balance inside and outside the cell and lowering blood pressure.

Greenthorn fruit oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids compared to other vegetable oils. Studies have shown that monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitoleic acid and giant whale acid can lower blood cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins that are detrimental to cardiovascular health, but do not reduce beneficial high-density lipoproteins. Foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids have the effect of relieving hypertension and anti-atherosclerosis, while monounsaturated fatty acids have properties that are not easily oxidized. Experiments on the effects of thorn fruit oil on blood lipids and antioxidant capacity of hyperlipidemic rats showed that thorn fruit oil has certain functions of regulating blood lipids, anti-oxidation and inhibiting platelet aggregation in vitro.

After the same comparison and testing of Yunnan Baiyao Group Shanghai Transdermal Technology Co., Ltd., the penetration performance of green thorn fruit oil is good, reaching various technical requirements. Compared with Mediterranean olive oil, each index is better than the other, and its fatty acid composition ratio is very high. It is close to the human body's lipid composition, so it has good affinity with the skin and is a good cosmetic base material. The skin care effect of the green thorn fruit oil was further studied through the skin moisturizing test.

Skin moisturizing test

2.1 Experimental instruments

Corneometer CM 825 (CK Electronic GmbH, Germany) skin moisture tester, computer, thermometer and hygrometer.

2.2 Experimental materials

15 boxes of skin cream (30 g / box); 15 boxes of green thorn fruit oil cream (30 g / box). Considering the factors such as cost and stability, a comparison experiment was conducted by adding 5% of green thorn fruit oil to common skin care products. The blank group was a skin cream without green thorn fruit oil, and the control group was a skin cream containing 5% green thorn fruit oil.

Table 1 green thorn fruit oil skin cream formula

Tab.1 Form ula ofprickle kernel cream

Ingredient w/%

Phase A

Glycerol monostearate 5.0

Octadecanol 8.0

Caprylic/capric triglyceride 4.0

Dimethyl silicone oil 5.0

Greenthorn Fruit Oil 5.0

Alkyl phosphate potassium salt 2.0

Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate 0.2

Phase B

Glycerin 8.0

Methylparaben 0.1

Deionized water to 100.0

Phase C

Fragrance 0.1

2.3 Experimental methods

2.3.1 Test crowd

Number of participants: 15; Age: 20 to 40 years old; Gender: 10 females, 5 males; Health status: Subjects with healthy skin, no skin disease and allergies.

The test environment temperature was 25 ° C, and the relative humidity (RH) was 61%. The test site was exposed 10 minutes before the measurement, and the subject was quiet in this environment. A 3.5 cm × 3.5 cm square experimental area was drawn on each of the left and right forearms, and the experimental area was numbered. The left arm was used as the test area for applying the green thorn oil cream, and the symmetrical area of the right arm was the test area using the blank control product. . First wash the test area with alkaline soap, rinse and dry. Prior to the application of the cosmetic, the Corneometer CM 825 tester was used to determine the moisture content of the stratum corneum of the test site. 0.1 g of the experimental product was applied to the test site and spread evenly on the skin for 2 min. Single and continuous measurements were performed at 10 min, 40 min, 60 min, 120 min, and 180 min using the Corneometer CM 825 tester to test the skin horny layer moisture content (measured in au) and record The test results are shown in Figures 1 and 3. 10 points were selected for measurement in the test area, and the average value was recorded as a single test. At the same time, the intermediate point was selected in the test area for measurement for 70 s, and the average value was recorded as continuous test. In order to better evaluate the data obtained, the concept of the skin moisture retention rate is introduced, that is, the difference between the moisture content measured after using the product and the moisture content of the unapplied product, and then divided by the moisture when the product is not applied. The content value, the result is the skin moisture retention rate. By calculating the percentage of skin moisture change at different time points using the two test products, it is good to evaluate whether the product has moisturizing and moisturizing effects.

After using the two test samples, the skin moisture content of the skin has different degrees of improvement, especially the skin cream containing green thorn fruit oil, the value of the skin moisture content reaches the highest at 40 min.

Through calculations to compare the effects of green thorn oil skin cream and ordinary skin cream on the change of skin moisture content, the two test products have a certain degree of improvement on skin moisture, but after 40 minutes of use, the green thorn fruit oil skin cream moisturizes The rate of sexual improvement reached 85.71%, while the blank control group was only 46.88%. The moisturizing rate of skin care products added with green thorn fruit oil after 180 minutes was still greatly enhanced, indicating that the green thorn fruit oil has a strong moisturizing effect.

After continuous testing, the moisture content of the epidermis was increased after using the green thorn fruit oil product, especially in the 10 min~40 min period, the skin moisture content increased rapidly and then stabilized. This value is higher than the untreated thorn fruit oil product at different time points.

The green thorn fruit oil has a certain improvement on the skin's moisture retention, especially in the use of 10 min ~ 40 min, the skin moisture retention improved faster. Over time, the skin moisture retention rate decreased slightly, but it was still significantly higher in the test time range (180 min) than in the untreated green fruit oil.

The health of the skin is closely related to the moisture content of the stratum corneum. When the water content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the stratum corneum becomes brittle and easy to crack. Therefore, it is necessary to select high-efficiency moisturizing active ingredients in skin care products to improve the moisturizing effect of the skin. very important. The effect of skin care products on the skin is reflected by changes in skin moisture content, mainly by skin moisturizing experiments, which is one of the most widely used skin testing methods. The use of the Corneometer method to evaluate whether a component has a moisturizing function is an objective evaluation method with high sensitivity, reproducibility and adaptability.

In this experiment, a matrix blank paste and a paste containing 5% green thorn fruit oil were used as a control group for moisturization study. The results showed that the tester used the skin care product containing 5% green thorn fruit oil to test the skin moisture content at the 10th, 40th, 60th, 120th and 180th time points. The single test and continuous test results showed The value of moisturizing improvement of skin cream containing green thorn fruit oil was significantly higher than that of blank control group without thorny fruit oil. The skin's stratum corneum maintains a large change in water capacity. Temperature, humidity, medicines and cosmetics can determine and change the moisture content in the skin. Therefore, it is useful to quantitatively test the skin moisture content and the amount of change after a certain period of care. . When evaluating the strength of the moisturizing effect of cosmetics, it is suitable to do a short-time coating test (<180 min), and the moisture content of the stratum corneum can be determined by this method, and the moisturizing effect of the product can be analyzed. The water retention xxx of the epidermis depends on two basic factors: the anti-evaporation of the sebum membrane and the water absorption capacity of the natural wetting factor. The sebum membrane on the surface of the skin is a mixture of sebum and sweat. It is composed of lactic acid, amino acids, urea, uric acid, salt, neutral lipids and fatty acids. It has the effect of moisturizing the skin, preventing excessive evaporation of water and regulating the pH of the skin surface. The component of the stratum corneum that binds to water molecules is called a natural moisturizing factor. The thorn fruit oil has obvious osmotic effect on the skin, mainly because its composition is consistent with the composition of the natural moisturizing factor in the stratum corneum, so it is easy to penetrate into the skin and form a secondary bond with the free water in the stratum corneum. The network structure of water or associated water makes it easy to lose moisture and has a good moisturizing effect. It can be seen from the above experiments that the green thorn fruit oil can be used as a moisturizing additive for cosmetics.

The low-temperature extraction of the thorn fruit oil retains the pure natural bioactive ingredients, the main components of which are polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are very close to human lipids, so the penetration of the skin is particularly good, human skin. It is also very easy to absorb, can maintain the moisture, nutrition and elasticity of the skin. It is the raw material for the natural skin care products that are rare in the cosmetics industry today. The current trend of cosmetics in the world today is to return to nature, green and environmentally friendly, and to replace chemical synthetic raw materials with pure natural materials. Green thorn fruit oil is such a pure natural skin care oil, which has broad application prospects.