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Are you using essential oil on the floor? What is solid wood floor care essential oil?

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The solid wood floor care essential oils currently used in the market are all volatile aromatic substances extracted from flowers, leaves, seeds, bark and roots of plants, but different from different plants. The essential oil blended with imported beech resin and natural tree Fendo has deep moisturizing, preventing cracking and repairing fine cracks. Next, Xiaobian introduces you to the characteristics of solid wood floor care essential oil and solid wood floor care essential oil.

What is solid wood floor care essential oil

The wood floor care essential oil is extracted from the tree. The natural coconut oil is mixed with some other auxiliary materials. It is a kind of essential oil for wood floor maintenance, which can effectively extend the service life of the wooden floor. It is not easy to scratch, crack, and wear. The material used in the wooden floor is a natural material. It will inevitably cause some damage for a long time, so it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the solid wood floor.

Solid wood floor care essential oil features

1, anti-scratch

Solid wood floor care essential oil has good scratch resistance, can form a protective film on the solid wood floor, can prevent the solid wood floor from being scratched, and can use the care oil for a period of time to slightly scratch the same color, thus preventing scratches Deepen and darken.

2, anti-drying

As the weather heats up and shrinks, it is damp and dry, and the solid wood floor is easy to dry. The natural resin in the essential oil can help the floor to replenish the wood oil and moisturize it, so that the floor is not easy to crack.

3, bright light

Many people will not be very well-maintained solid wood flooring, resulting in dull solid wood flooring, while the care essential oil contains natural resin, which can quickly absorb wood and restore luster and shine as new.

4, moisture

The most feared of solid wood flooring is water, and the solid wood flooring essential oil contains ingredients that are waterproof and can prevent the solid wood floor from getting damp and mildew.

5, decontamination

Nursing essential oils use surface-active technology, which has a good decontamination effect during use and is anti-static and dust-free.