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The legend of the rose - ancient Greek articles

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Appeared in countless myths and legends,

Appeared in the biography of countless king saints,

Appeared in countless classic loves,

When there are no human beings,

Rose has already appeared

The rose fossil that was first discovered so far was 30 million years ago...


The legend of roses is generally related to love.

So roses have always been called a symbol of love.

Although roses are seen by the people of the world as a symbol of love,

But the legends about roses in different countries are quite different.

It is said that the earliest rose is not thorny.

When Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden in heaven, after coming to mankind,

Because of human greed, the rose grows a thorn



Ancient Greek mythology records that one day, when the flower god Chloris walked in the forest, he saw a beautiful girl who had passed away turned into wood. The goddess is very sad. She turned the girl into a flower, blew her mouth and let the flowers bloom. She called his husband Zephyr to blow the clouds out of the air, let the sun of Apollo shine on the flowers; Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, puts beauty The name is given to the flower; Dionysus puts the nectar on the flower, the flower releases a charming fragrance; The Three Graces gives joy, charm and gorgeousness This blooming flower.

The gods unanimously agreed that this new flower is gorgeous and fragrant, calling this flower "the queen of flowers" in unison, and Aphrodite named this flower Rose, and gave it to her beloved son - - Eros, Cupid

Therefore, in ancient Greece, roses are the perfect symbol and a symbol of love.


Greece, the center of ancient world civilization, regards roses as the gift of God.

The rose is a symbol of love and beauty in the gods, and it is used to express human joy and love in the human world.