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The legend of the rose - ancient Indian articles

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The ancient Indian mythology says that Vishnu, the god of protection, is also known as the four-faced Buddha. It debates the most beautiful flowers in the world. Vishnu says that roses are the most beautiful. Brahma has never seen a rose, saying that the lotus is the most beautiful. When Brahma saw the rose, he immediately applauded Vishnu.

Vishnu thus created his wife, Lakshmi, with 108 rose petals and 1,008 small rose petals. Therefore, roses are a symbol of beauty.

It is said that Princess Nur Mahal of the Mughal dynasty of India first discovered the precious rose fat.

She is a rose lover. The gardener was fond of the princess and planted the rose in the pool with ingenuity.

One day, Princess Nuer walked to the pool and suddenly noticed a thin layer of oil floating on the water. She applied some of her hand to her face, but she did not expect the strange fragrance to remain for a few days. The princess was very surprised. Later, she used her oil from the flower pond to wipe her face from time to time, making her skin delicate and smooth, and fragrant and muscular. She became the first woman in the world to enjoy rose fat.

This is the beautiful legend of India about roses.