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The legend of the rose - ancient Persian articles

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In the fable of the ancient Persia, the rose is connected with the nightingale. One day, the flowers complained to God that their lotus flowers are always sleeping at night. In order to comfort the flowers, God sealed the white roses for the flowers.

The nightingale was moved by the beauty of the white rose, flying down to embrace the white rose, but the chest was pierced by a white rose, and the blood drops fell to the world. From then on, Persia had a red rose.

In fact, from the thousand years before BC to the centuries after the Christian era, the main producing areas of roses were on the territory of Persia.

The discovery of the discovery of rose essential oil was recorded in 1582 AD. The Princess of the Persian king Djihanguyr's wife, Princess Nour Djihan, had a whimsy, allowing the craftsmen to open a small river along the royal garden and put the rose water into the river. When she and the king walked along the small guarded river in the garden, under the hot sun, the water in the rose pool floated with oil. Princess Nour Djihan was very curious and rubbed the oil floating on the rose water with her hand and smelled it. The rose oil was thus discovered. The king immediately ordered the rose water merchant to tribute this rose oil every year.

Using rose water to make river water, it is conceivable that the planting area of roses in Persia was very large, and the application of rose water was extensive.

To this day, the story of the ancient Persian rose and the rose water are still our favorite!