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Legend of the Rose - Ancient Rome

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With regard to the story of the rose, ancient Roman mythology inherited the ancient Greek mythology.

One of the myths about roses tells that Adonis loves Venus, but Mars also has a crush on Venus. In order to get Venus, God of War is designed to kill Adonis. After hearing the news, Venus rushed to stop the god of war. In the panic, the rose fell in the bush, the blood on the feet was flowing, and the blood flowed to the ground, and a red rose grew.

Another Roman mythology says: The gentle west wind Zephyr loves the flower god Flora, but the flower god is indifferent to anyone except flowers. In order to get close to Flora, Zephyros became a bright and fragrant rose. The flower god was very loved and couldn't help but kiss the rose flower. Zephyros won the beauty of love.


  The myth about Rose was born because the flower god Flora was shot by the cupid of the goddess of love, she licked the wound, called "Eros" (the name of Cupid), but because of the pain, she pronounced "Rose" Since then, Rose has become another name for Cupid, and Rose has become a symbol of love.


In addition to this beautiful legend, in ancient Rome, many products were made from roses, and they were sold in the form of decoction, jam and dried petals.
Moreover, from ancient Greece and ancient Roman times, people extracted oil from the petals of roses to make a scented ointment. Until today, Damascus rose is still the first choice for extracting essential oils.