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Let's witness a splendid feast of aroma
2017-6-5 15:42:55 阅读:302
Let's witness a splendid feast of aroma
--In AugustCIAIE raises the curtain in Kunshan
Aromatherapy, essential oils, handmade soaps, natural spices, natural organic products are stepping deeper and deeper into our lives. Life is now fully surrounded by aroma and it has become a fashion and trend to enjoy the aroma, to master a tranquil mind, to get healing and get rid of sub-health status . As CIAIE arose on time of the hit of aroma, it tends to create a splendid feast of the aromatic industry.
Multiple participation to witness the upcoming grand event of aromatic Industry
China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "CIAIE"), founded in Luoyang in 2015 and located in Kunshan since 2016, has been receiving great attention from the aromatic industry. Shanghai Jihwa, Zhangguang Group, Pehchaolin, Herborist, Unilever, Inoherb, Guangzhou Herbal Art and more than 1,000 other cosmetic industrial insiders have successively visited the exhibition for information exchange and procurement; also coming in a throng in search of new thought and new formula are domestic well-known pharmaceutical health care product manufacturers such as Qianjin Pharmacy, Mitsubishi Pharmacy, ZD Medical , Sinopharm Group, Shoujian Pharmaceutical, Baide Pharmaceutical and so on.With the aromatic industry leading the way, CIAIE has attracted ten thousands of people from the domestic and foreign aromatic professional institutions, hotels, health management departments, beauty salons and research institutes to make on-site procurement, from whom CIAIE wildly gained high reputation, received satisfied evaluation from 72% of the exhibitors. Back against the success of the first two sessions of CIAIE, the CIAIE 2017 will be held at the Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Center during August 18th to 20th.2017. There is an old saying that goes "sniff the scent to recognize a person", sniffing the aroma from apart and know that the CIAIE 2017 is about to carry on! Up to now, there are more than 200 domestic and foreign aromatic enterprises and institutions in participation in the CIAIE 2017, which cover plant cultivation and tourism, equipment and packaging materials, essential oils and aroma diffusers, aromatherapy institutions, botanical skin care products, industry associations, health management institutes, Incense Art & Culture and other to participate in the exhibition. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 industrial insiders and aromatherapists from the SPA institutes, hotels, cosmetic enterprises, pharmaceutical & health care products enterprises, gift companies, culture media agencies are expected to have to visit CIAIE and make on-site negotiation , with the integrate platform power of CIAIE, the aromatic insiders take each others’advantage of source to make a difference and witness a prosperous development of aromatic industry.
A foreseeable grand gathering of industrial insiders
With the processing of CIAIE 2017, a brand new stage of aromatic industry gradually steps into public vision. Particularly with multiple remarkable cooperation and genuine concerning from the aromatic industry, more and more industrial experts began to pay attention to the CIAIE and actively participate in. At present, more than 20 aromatherapists from Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, as well as experts from domestic research institutes are in membership of the Expert Committee of CIAIE, and are willing to interpret their own achievements in this stage and share their life-long research and application to more people. Aiming at  creating an aromatic industrial brand, the CIAIE has been following the creed to promote aromatic products, improve the product formula, expand the consumption channels and promote aromatic industrial communications and cooperation between domestic and foreign market. The CIAIE insists to absorb more and more industrial experts into the Expert Committee, and implement the segmentation of the expert grouping in the foreseeable future, thus to provide   more professional and deeper guidance for our exhibitors.
The current session of CIAIE has attracted the Damascus Rose and related products, Shandong Pingyin Rose, Gansu Kushui Rose and other origin places with geographical indication to display in group. The display varieties of essential oil  are also getting increasingly rich, covering tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, agarwood oil, chamomile oil, lavender and other oil products related enterprises. Aromachologie, Oshadhi, TAOASIS, Absolute Aromas, POLI, GoodNight, GHALYA, Bodyskin, Ecoarts, Blue Aroma, SeDull glaze glass, Art’s & Mei, Shanghai Zhangyun , Yousi, YoungSing, Aromatic-HBEA, Pretty Valley, Jiangsu Rosa, Ningbo Aroma Homeware ,Ningbo Shamu(Zaitoon), Shenzhen Parlex Homeware and many other enterprises of essential oils, aromatherapy, aromatic branding, processing and trading have also registered for participation.
Which particularly worth mentioning is that there are some aromatic practitioners and enthusiasts from Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia are also enrolled in the participants. We all share a common dream and goal, that is, "we carry pure botanical natural products, cooperate in building the CIAIE platform, sharing the result of aromatic industry, so that to let the aromatic industry impact our life.
    Abundant activities guarantee excellence
As a professional aromatic industrial platform, the CIAIE is willing to lead the development and trends of aromatic industry based on solving current issues in the  development of the aromatic industry at this stage. Based on this willingness, CIAIE 2017 has launched three main topics, seven sub-topics, as well as fifteen concurrent professional interactive activities.
CIAIE 2017 intends to invite tutor Bai Hongtong from Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, who has more than 20 years of experience in the species introduction, plant domestication, breeding and promotion of aromatic plant resources, to make a keynote speech on "organic cultivation and extraction of lavender and rose", in the attempt to solve several key issues encountered in the cultivation and essential oils and hydrosol extraction of these two types of aroma plants. CIAIE 2017 has successfully invited Pierre Franchomme, the master of French aromatherapy, pharmaceutist and aromatherapy educationist to make on-site keynote speech on CIAIE 2017 on "how to strengthen the credibility of the essential oil industrial chain - Medical Aromatherapy”and “end-user expectations of cosmetics and perfume industry ". Meanwhile CIAIE 2017 has invited tutor Zeng Junming from Department of Medicinal Cosmetics of China Medical College(Taiwan)  to give a speech on "When Chinese medicine collide with aromatherapy -  innovative usage indicates modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine ,"which will explore the commonality and differences between aromatic plants and medicinal plants in terms of development and application, as well as expand the diversity of essential oils, develop comprehensive utilization of Chinese medicine, and point out a Chinese characteristic aromatic industry developing way .
Professional people do profession. The development of aromatic industry is inseparable from the aromatherapy the professional communication channel;  as well the promotion of aromatic products is inseparable from the commercial design and circulation of natural botanical skin care products. The current session of CIAIE also invited instructor Yao Yuxian, the master from University of Edinburgh ,Britain and IFPA committee, who will lead the debate among the aromatherapists on-site on how to promote aromatherapist into a career which benefits more people rather than a relatively self-amusement benefiting only  aromatherapists themselves and their relatives. Also invited is instructor Lu Shaohua, who has more than 15 years of experience on R&D of pharmaceutical-grade essential oil and natural botanical skin care products. Lu will make a introduction to the designing concept of his natural botanical skin care products in the aspect of product orientation, raw material selection, formula&combination and product packaging. CIAIE 2017 guarantees every visitor a worth-going high-level event along with intensive concurrent activities.
Custom service, exclusive enjoyment
The CIAIE is a comprehensive platform of a variety of aromatic products including fragrance, essential oil & hydrosol, aromatic leisure, aromatic health care, as well as aromatherapy , aroma homeware and Incense Art & Culture exhibition meeting, of which the most fundamental is that the CIAIE is an exclusive exhibition of aromatic insiders’ own. Here you will learn the knowledge of selecting essential oils, the application of essential oils and soap DIY, and you can custom your own natural botanic skin care products, essential oil soap and lipstick according to you and your family's preferences, skin type and physical state. At the same time for your own physical and mental pleasure , they are also a chic and healthy gift for beloved ones and friends. What you will enjoy here is not only natural aromatic products,but more is the light-luxurious custom services, as well as your exclusive health management housekeeper. The CIAIE has all you can imagine.
During August 18th - 20th, we sincerely welcome you to pay a visit, to make inside communication and learning,as well to reach cooperation, no matter you are aromatic industrial purchasers or amateurs. The CIAIE does not blindly persue a large exhibition scale, but tends to develop the most professional aromatic industry exhibition with the best reputation.
Please remember, our life is now surrounded by aroma.
Please turn to CIAIE official website for more detail information: http://www.ciaie.com.cn/
   Exhibitor hotline : 010-58565361

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