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CIAIE:Does aromatherapy really improve national Sub-Health State?
2017-4-27 17:09:06 阅读:388
In many of the aromatherapy description, you can sense it’s great significance of human‘s  health. Data indicates that 76% of the domestic population are bearing the "Sub-Health" state.  Among especially the high-pressure crowd those who are aged from 35 to 50 years old , we can see great prevalence of poor mental outlook, as well as reduced immunity caused by varying types and degrees of the disease. Thus inadvertently, aromatherapy began to play an important role.
    Maybe you rarely pay attention to the value of aroma treatment, but more and more vivid cases highlight us that those pleasant scent is helping against the prevalent national Sub-Health Problem, making improvement and even healing.
    The health-care value of scent-based therapy has been widely adopted since ancient times
     On the recognition of the medical value of the scent , there are many conclusions drawn from our ancestors. Among which, "smoke" and "incense" are the earliest use of scent in the way of medical treatment , giving directly treatment and alleviating certain diseases by igniting some of the aroma plants.
Similarly, a large number of ancient books gave introduction to the medicinal value of the scent. For instance, “the Classic of Mountains and Rivers”from Pre-Qin Dynasty recorded that wearing smoked grass can prevent certain diseases. The medical masterpiece "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" accomplished in the Eastern Han Dynasty, summed up the different "scent" and "taste" collocation by the concept "four scents and five tastes" and produced relevant pharmacological mechanisms on treatment and disease prevention. Medical scientist Sun Simiao of Tang Dynasty proposed herbal aromatherapy treatment method in theInvaluable Prescriptions for Ready Referencefor exogenous febrile diseases. And the "Compendium of Materia Medica" authored by Li Shizhen from Ming Dynasty provided a more systematical detailed classification of aroma herb and vegetation according to different efficacy.
 Nowadays, reconciled fragrance and essential oil products for either olfactory or skin use, whether they give off the scent of natural aromatic crops itself, or from the extracted essence of these plants ,are both beneficial to people’s health as well as mental state. Especially those essential products purified from the aromatic crops, they let people acquire health with the maximum effect. Either through individual study or obtaining  guidance and direct services from professional aromatherapists, utilizing "incense inhalation", "aroma applying and massage", "bath soaking" and other methods enables human body to quickly absorb the beneficial ingredients in essential oils, of which the efficacy varies according to different types of essential oils.
 The efficacy of scent
 Scent treatment has been adopted to solve various types of Sub-Health problems.
Scent treatment can effectively relieve common seasonal respiratory diseases. In natural aromatic plants, jasmine fragrance is helping to alleviate the symptoms of colds. In the constant process of exploring the health effects of aroma , it is  also found that the mixture of a variety of aromatic scents helps relieve respiratory diseases. In the classic case from abroad , Dermatect, an essential oil mixture, which is combined with extract of aromatic crops such as Eucalyptus, Thyme, Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon and other aromatic plants,  enhances the body's immunity during the outbreak of flu. 
 Scent treatment helps reduce tension and relieve stress. In addition to fighting against some common respiratory diseases, another magical effect of some natural aromatic plants and its extraction of essential oil products, lies in its spiritual soothing effect. For instance, with Clove and Osmanthus as the raw material, it can help reduce emotional anxiety and alleviate fatigue; Lily, Tulip and Geranium help release anxiety, calm nervousness and promote sleep; Peony’s scent also has the relaxing and soothing effect.
 Scent treatment for the improvement of memory and creativity has gone through a long-term scientific research and has achieved remarkable results. A research institution from the UK, concluded that essential oils extracted from certain aromatic plants can significantly improve people’s memory and ability of summarizing through a study in 2015. For instance, the most significant improvement of the aromatic ingredients extracted from Rosemary is of the memory capacity of human. And some other aromatic scents such as lemons, are also mentioned in some domestic and foreign studies of helping stimulate the brain's creativity, greatly improve working efficiency especially for the mental workers. Although the scent is the source of help for creativity, the researchers still can not explain the particular reasons for them.
We gain a wide range of benefits from the scents of natural aromatic plants or the small molecules of their essential oils by inhalation. Many essential oils play a role in beauty skin care after dilution with vegetable oil and directly applied to the body. As for the distillation of essential oil products, hydrosol is also the most convenient skin care product, showing outstanding beauty skin care effect.
 Valuing environmental health, scent service will go on a normalized state
 When you realize that the beneficial scents bring the value of health, the scent service may be just by your side.
In addition to the essential oil storesin malls, as well as aroma treatment and beauty services launched by a number of medical and beauty agencies, in the forefront of the aroma industry market there exists a scent service company-- the  "12.29" , which has noticed that a good scent should be serving people all the time. It was co-founded by twin sisters Dawn Goldworm and Samantha Goldworm in the United States in 2009, and "12.29" is the name of this company. 
 "12.29" is committed to provide customized scent service for physical brand stores, shopping malls, hotels, public spaces, as well as private dwelling. In addition create unique scent for the environment and help deepen customer’s impression for some business command , "12.29" pays more attention to the quality of the scent and it’s physical and mental benefit.
For example, in the family business launched by "12.29"last year, they respectively provided a mixture of Jasmine and resin, vanilla and leather, as well as the scent of aromatic trees. While improving the quality of home life, it focuses more on enabling people to benefit from the scents.
     Domestically, more and more aroma enterprises are proceeding to make introduction of normalized scent service, as people pay more attention to environmental health. As the vanguard of the international aromatic industry, CIAIE is on the one hand committed to introduce the international advanced aroma technology and  innovative industry concept to the domestic market, on the other hand it actively integrate high-quality domestic aromatic enterprises and exhibitors similar to "12.29" with innovative idea and spirit, promoting to explore the future health service formats of scents, to ease the disease, soothe the body and mind, to explore the potential beauty effect of scent treatment services, and make it more commonly adopted in the tens of thousands of households.
About CIAIE 
    CIAIE was established in 2015 by Beijing Exhibition Co.,Ltd which has been successfully held for two sessions, and is the only professional domestic platform that showcases the whole chain of Aromatic industry. CIAIE is renowned in the industry for its internationalization and professionalism, of which the exhibits cover products and brands ranging from aromatic plant cultivation, vegetable oil, essential oil, hydrosol, incense and relevant equipment, fragrance and perfume, pure botanical skin care products, aromatherapy and training, health management institute and incense culture and thus appeals to numerous international exhibitors and pavilions. During CIAIE 2016 there were more than 100 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions such as Germany, France, the United States, Australia, Italy, Japan, etc.
    The third session of CIAIE will be held on August 18th-20th , 2017 in Kunshan Convention and Exhibition Center. Themed with beauty and health, CIAIE 2017 will gather senior experts of the aroma field,  two hundred enterprises of different segmentation of the industry from both domestic and abroad, as well as tens of thousands of professional purchasers and aroma innovation and technology practitioners, aiming to build a blueprint for the development of domestic aroma industry and help those excellent Chinese aromatic enterprises to build up their brands and go into the world’s market. The concurrent forums of CIAIE 2017 persue industrial practicality, trend guidance and commercialization, of which the discussions range from roses and lavender organic cultivation and extraction for effectively solving plantation runners’ confusion to dialectical development and application of aroma and medicinal plants for expanding the possibility for the aroma industry to a witness a wider integration of the application and the derivative products. CIAIE 2017 will further promote the aroma industry commercialization process, guide the aromatherapy to become a career, integrate commercial concept into product design, utilize a commercial model in product marketing, and then promote the development of aroma industry, thus to achieve the significance and value of the platform of CIAIE.
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