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Grass Economy Takes Lead of the Great Aroma Industry
2017-3-8 15:05:30Ķ327
In recent years, "pure plant ingredients addition, essential oils addition, comparable to essential oils" and other concepts of care products have increasingly leaped into our vision and infiltrated our lives. Essential oils, fragrance and aromatherapy are now not only altering people's philosophy of life , but also ameliorating the developing situation of aroma industry and related industrial structure.
Aroma industry is a new field of agricultural industry and is a green ecological industry. Along with high output and high efficiency, aroma industry runs through the first, second and tertiary industries at the same time. In foreign countries, the aroma industry has formed a relatively mature industrial chain. Provence,France, Hokkaido Japan and other regions has gained good reputation as "Small grass holds up an economic kingdom" through the development of aromatic industry.
Like a small seedling, the aroma industry is thriving in China
According to incomplete statistics, there are 600 to 800 kinds of aromatic plants in China out of more than 3,600 kinds of aromatic plants that have been found all over the world, which ranges the first of the world. Although the application of aromatic plants in China has a history of over 3,000 years, which mainly appeared in the spices, medicinal herbs, food, the heritage of incense culture and so on, but the development in the field of aromatherapy still lays at the initial stage. More are the production of aromatic raw materials, there still exists an obvious gap in the field of mature aroma products such as essential oils, incense and perfume, when compared with those  from abroad. As a big nation with huge consumption power, the current aromatic industry tends to have a substantial market of at least 50 billion RMB to be explored.
Since the thirteenth Party Congress in 1987 put forward that  we must resolutely win the fight against poverty, focus on poverty alleviation through agricultural industrialization. Ever since the vigorous development of the aromatic flowers &plants industry, the country has been actively developing aromatic industries, from the aromatic plantation to the aromatic food and beverage, then the deep processing of aromatic products, then aromatherapy education services. Meanwhile, there also emerged numerous theme festivals such as Rose Festival, Lavender Festival, aromatic plants forum and many other kinds. China's aromatic products are also opening the international market step by step, making a transition from the initial output of raw materials to establishing its own brands. Chinas aroma industry, as a small seedling, is surely to be growing into towering tree on the Chinese land in the near future.
Like a small seedling, the CIAIE builds a platform for communication and cooperation.
China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition (short as CIAIE) , which has been successfully held twice already, arose precisely in response to better facilitate the domestic and international communication, integration and development of Chinas aroma industry. Organized by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), CIAIE is the only professional domestic platform that shows the whole chain of aromatic industry.
 The exhibition area of CIAIE 2016 was over 8000O with hundreds of aromatic products exhibits and over 30 international brands originally from GermanyFranceUSAAustralia ItalyJapanSyriaJordanEgyptMadagascarBulgariaTurkeySouth AfricaMoroccoSri LankaIndiaHong KongTaiwan and other countries and regions . Additionally there were exhibitors of domestic plantations and brands from Guangdong BeijingShanghaiZhejiangGansuJiangsuYunnan ShandongFujianHebei Jiangxi ShanxiXinjiang and other provinces and cities . The exhibit of CIAIE ranges from downstream to upstream of the whole industryincluding aromatic plantation & tourismaromatic products equipmentsessential oils & Incensethe application of essence and spice pure botanical body care & health care productsaromatherapyincense arts and health management.
The strict selection on partners and exhibitors enabled CIAIE to have not only achieved its professionalism, but also attracted over 3000 specialized purchasers from various fields including daily cosmetics, health product, food & beverage processing, upscale hotels, clubs, health management institutes and aroma culture media institutes.
    CIAIE concurrent events included seminars on the theme of business modes of developing aromatic leisure industry, master sharing sessions about further development of natural fragrance and spices. There were also discussions over Chinese aromatic industry development and the application and promotion of aroma products, as well as other high-end events including Chinses Aromatic Industry Maker Assembly. Conference on Chinese Exchange of Professionals of Aromatic Industry, and special purchasing event. CIAIE 2016 made commercialized operation a reality and laid a vital foundation for the long-term healthy development of CIAIE .
   The CIAIE 2017 will be held at Kunshan Convention & Exhibition Center during 18th.Aug. to 20th.Aug. Themed with "Let the aroma integrate and lead your life", the CIAIE 2017 insists on guiding industry development with the feature of  "Pure Natural and Pure Botanic " along the track of  "Learning, sharing, promoting, innovating, thriving and inheriting ". We sincerely invite you to participate and attend the exhibition to know about aroma, experience and discuss over it, lets get together and collaborate. With your efforts of support, Chinas aromatic industry can then go on a stable and rapid way of development.
Like a small seedling, the aromatic industry practitioners make great effort to the development of the aromatic industry.
Since the aromatic industry chain covers as much as all the primary, secondary and tertiary industry, it gathers hundreds of millions of practitioners. And each practitioner is like a small seedling who devotes his intellectual labor and blooming passion for aroma throughout life into the industry, willing to benefit the aromatic industry and promote it to grow bigger and stronger. The CIAIE is a distinguished gathering bringing together global aromatic practitioners. Along with your products, your idea and dream, you will be sparkling on the platform of CIAIE.
By this we wish that an increasing number of aroma lovers take an action and stand for their own fragrance lifestyle. Let natural and healthy aroma products care for you and your beloved ones, influence and benefit your surrounding ones with access to the aroma products. Also wish you shine brightly with your great passion onto the platform of CIAIE.
     CIAIE Official Website: http://www.ciaie.com.cn
      CIAIE Tel :010-58565361/58569918
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